Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Who We Are

Sam & Company can assist you with anything Mac/Apple related.

We are a tech consulting company specializing in all things Apple. We provide remote and onsite Mac, iPhone, iPad and PC consulting to the greater Los Angeles area and San Fernando Valley, plus remote support worldwide.

We care deeply about our clients, and are passionate about helping them to feel secure and confident with their personal world of technology — be it in their family home or multi-faceted businesses.

We get how dependent you we all are on our technology working; so if it’s important to you it matters to us!

What We Do

We specialize in all things Apple, providing both On-Site and Remote Support to ensure that we meet all of our clients’ IT needs.

Sam & Company has five core concentrations:

  • Business
  • Residential
  • Art Galleries
  • Smart Home & Home Automation
  • Litigation & Forensics

Why Us

Tech consultants have access to your most private and valuable information, so who you choose to trust is vital to your personal safety.

These days there are countless attempts to gain fraudulent access to your data. Sam and all our consultants pride themselves on protecting you and your identity in every possible way.

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