Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Do you check your phone bill?

“Sam got my AT&T phone bill down from $495 a month to $175, plus my devices now all share the same data pool. My plan is now even better! I can call or text anyone in the US, Canada or Mexico and can even use the phone WHILE in Mexico (with data!).

 Sam also removed other old items that I had been unnecessarily paying for YEARS.

 Sam & Company is saving me $4000 per year. Nobody knows how to talk to a utility company like Sam.”

~ Renvy Pittman

  • Have Sam look over your current cable bill to make sure you’re not overpaying for an old internet package. Many clients end up with a faster package, new modem, and pay LESS per month.
  • Sam recommends contacting the phone company every 6 months (AT&T told him this directly) to check on existing data package deals, changes in international roaming plans, etc.
  • Sam recommends contacting the cable company every 12 months to discuss their current ‘special offers’ that seemingly run out every 12 months.
  • Most important thing of all: have Sam make sure all of your precious data is securely and properly backed up—to more than one location.
  • Oh and one more thing… ask Sam about the best method to buy the new iPhone and learn how to play the-phone-company-upgrade-game. And find out what it all means to you.

So why is it better for Sam to call for you?

Because most of us don’t know what to ask and can’t get the kind of deals he can get. (Trust me, if only you could get him to negotiate your next car deal!)

Why can’t you just back-up your iPhone yourself?

It’s important to have Sam make an encrypted backup to iTunes on your computer. It’s the only way to get a perfect, complete backup of your phone; more complete than iCloud. And because it’s encrypted, it even stores your health and password data making upgrades and restores a breeze.

Thank you for spreading the word about Sam & Company—your trusted source for everything Apple. (Though we do actually have outstanding PC Consultants, if the need arises.)

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