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Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

iPhone 6S, El Capitan, iOS 9, and NEW Apple TV

NEW iPhone 6s & 6s Plus:
Are you confused about the iPhone upgrades?
Wondering what phone to buy, and where to get it, and what to do with yours????
Sam is the local expert on helping you get the BEST deal on your new iPhone. Plus, he will help you choose a sensible phone plan for you and your family.
STOP getting bullied by your phone carrier—ask Sam for help:
(818) 222-2101
So why upgrade now?
Sam Says: This is by far the best iPhone Apple has ever released, and I think it’s even far superior to last year’s model – iPhone 6. If you’re still on the 5s or earlier, this is a no-brainer upgrade. Our clients spend more time on their iPhones than any other device. With all these new features and camera improvements it makes this decision an easy one, and sooooo worth it!
FYI: Orna and I went with the iPhone 6s Plus this year—even after returning ours last year thinking they were too big. Guess what? The 6S Plus is big… but we both LOVE it, and it’s so much easier on the eyes too. (For the over-forty crowd, ask me how to set your texts to a bigger font—whatever phone you’re on)
Some of the new iPhone features that we LOVE:
  • HUGE improvement with Touch ID – it recognizes your fingerprint so fast, it almost feels like you didn’t lock your phone
  • NEW Live Photos – all of your gorgeous, still photos now come to life. Camera records 1.5 sec of video before/after the photo – so cool!
  • NEW 12MP Camera and 5MP Front Camera for much better selfies
  • NEW 4K Video and Video Optical Image Stabilizer (6s Plus only) – breathtaking, razor sharp video!
  • NEW 3D Touch – screen is pressure sensitive. (Biggest game changer feature)
  • Faster WiFi and more LTE Bands (23) for better/stronger cellular reception
  • WiFi Assist – uses your great, high speed wifi when the cell signal is low – finally, good sounding phone calls
  • Peek and Pop – new feature that lets you preview an email, text message or photo without actually opening the app
Sam recommends purchasing the new iPhone using Apple’s own iPhone Upgrade Plan which includes Applecare plus an Unlocked iPhone – meaning you can use your new iPhone anywhere in the world with a local sim card. Call Sam for details: (818) 222-2101

Don’t forget to ask us about the AMAZING New Apple TV
#1 on our Holiday Gift Guide! (Coming soon!)
$149/$199  (no longer available on Amazon)
  • Siri voice search with the new remote – ‘Siri, show me all James Bond Movies’ – it searches across iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Siri ‘what did they just say’ – your show rewinds 15 seconds and closed captioning is turned on for those 15 seconds. How cool is that?!!
  • Gorgeous new interface
  • Touch screen remote control
  • New tvOS App Store – download/install apps and games just like the iPhone and iPad
  • Create music playlists and have them sync back to your iPhone
  • Stunning HD screensaver that change based on the time of day
  • Siri/Touch Screen remote works like a ‘Wii’ remote
  • Connect new Bluetooth video game controllers


Some of the hot new features of iOS 9:

  • New ‘Back to’ button – great when you press a link in an email and it takes you to Safari; you can now quickly return to the email you were on
  • Swipe across a group of photos to highlight them instead of clicking one by one!
  • Better Siri – ‘Siri, show me photos taken last week’ or ’show me all photos from Disneyland,’ or ‘calculate a tip on $62.79’  and you can invoke Siri now at any time using only your voice (Hey Siri).
  • Siri’s NEW proactive assistant provides you with relevant contacts and apps—simply Swipe to the right from the first home screen and it will show you recent contacts, suggested apps, etc. If you always call your wife at 6pm, it will automatically have her contact icon available at 6pm. It (securely) learns your habits.  It’s 3pm and you usually turn on your running playlist, so when you hit the gym and connect to your Bluetooth Headphones, Siri will automatically serve up that playlist.
  • Use Siri to turn on NEW Low Power Mode – great when you’re running low on Battery Power; turns off various background activities to preserve battery
  • The entire keyboard now shows upper and lowercase letters to indicate if the shift key is up or down
  • iPad Slide Over feature to see or use two apps on the same screen
  • iPad Picture in Picture – watch a video on top of anything else you’re working on
  • Brand NEW ‘NEWS’ app – tell the app which sources you like your news from, like CNN, etc. and it then creates a custom newspaper with feeds from all of your favorite sites.
  • New Selfies and Screenshot smart albums in the Photos App – quickly find all those selfies!
And… it’s a FREE update!

Hot new features in El Capitan OS X 10.11:
  • Think of El Capitan as a very much improved Yosemite—faster and more secure.
  • Many bug fixes across the entire system
  • Major improvements to Apple Mail iMAP accounts (iCloud, gmail, etc.) – Mail starts up almost instantly and now shows you the new emails in your inbox before it starts syncing every other mailbox on your computer. HUGE speed difference!
  • Improved Security – this is a major reason to upgrade! – new ‘System Integrity Protection’ helps keep rogue software (MacKeeper) and other malware from infecting your Mac (If this is the ONLY reason you do the upgrade, please DO it!)
  • New Full Screen Split View – have two apps perfectly aligned side by side
  • Natural language search – type things like “Keynote presentations I made in May” or “emails I received from Orna” or “Documents I worked on last week”
  • Apple Photos extensions – great new photo editing tools
  • Brand new NOTES app – insert photos, maps, video, drawings, etc. Now more similar to our beloved Evernote.
And… it’s a FREE update!

NEW iPad Pro – 12.9” Screen – 78% larger screen than the iPad Air 2!
  • Highest resolution of any iPad ever
  • Finally an iPad designed for content creation
  • NEW Apple Pencil – amazing new device that really feels and works like a pen; perfect for taking notes, drawing, and painting
  • NEW Apple Smart Keyboard

NEW Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard
  • Redesigned wireless trackpad with Force Touch and 29% wider surface – rechargeable using the lightning cable
  • Magic Keyboard – ultra thin and redesigned keys – rechargeable using the lightning cable

Apple Watch OS 2.0:
  • Native Apps that no longer require the iPhone to be in range = much faster apps
  • Super powered Siri – Huge upgrade
  • New Clock faces – use your Live Photos as a watch face
  • Time Travel
  • Nightstand mode – put your watch on its side and it shows a clock – great for traveling
  • Cool new Emoji’s
  • 20 pre-written replies for iMessage

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