Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Sam’s Notes from today’s iPhone 5 Presentation

Pre-Orders start Friday Sept. 14th
Ships Friday Sept. 21st.
iOS6 available for other iPhones on Wed. Sept. 19th.

18% thinner

20% lighter than the 4s
326 ppi Retina Display
4″ diagonal screen 1136×640 – same width – but taller
5 rows of icons plus home row
See 5 days in calendar
Better for iMovie and Garageband on iPhone
44% better color saturation
less glare in sunlight – touch is integrated into the display = thinner and sharper
Ultrafast wireless!
Dual Channel 802.11 up to 150mbps
A6 processor
2x Faster CPU
2x Faster graphics
apps load 2x faster
22% smaller chip and more energy efficient
8Hrs of 3G or LTE talk time, 10 hours of wifi browsing – better than the iPhone 4s
8Megapixel sensor 3264×2448
Camera – f2.4
Dynamic low light mode
Up to 2 f stops better low light performance
sapphire lens crystal cover
40% Faster photo capture
Shared Photo Streams
Panorama built in
28Megapixel resulting image – just sweep the phone and it captures the image – even removes shakes – smooths out any artifacts
1080p HD video
Video stabilizer 
Front camera is 720p
Three mic front/bottom/back
Lightning adaptor – 8 pin – 80% smaller – double sided
Dock adaptors from Apple
iCloud Tabs – tabs in sync from your Mac to your phone or iPad
Passbook – movie tickets, coupons, etc.
VIP Mail – emails go into a separate folder for VIP’s
Siri: “How did the Bronco’s do last sunday” – shows the score by quarter, etc.
Siri: “What are the current NFL standings” – shows the whole NFL
Siri: “Can you recommend a good movie in theaters” – Top 25 movies – rotten tomatoes
Post an update to Facebook using your voice
Send and SMS or iMessage back if you can’t take a call
FaceTime calls over cellular networks
Black or White
White has raw aluminum back – black is black anodized
LTE is faster than most home wifi connections
Kept the phone same width so it fit in your hand properly
iPhone 4S-$99
iPhone 4=Free on contract

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