Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Should you get an iPhone 6?


The new iPhone 6 is here and pre-orders begin on Friday, Sept. 12th. Launch date is Sept. 19th.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND pre-ordering the phone on Apple’s online store or directly from your wireless carrier.

If you qualify for the fully subsidized price the prices are $199, $299, $399 and $100 more for the 5.5”

Users in the US can get upgrade status via text message.iphone6-setup-hero-201409

  • AT&T: *639#
  • Sprint: 1311
  • T-Mobile: #874
  • Verizon: #874

Key features

  • iPhone 6 has a 4.7” screen; the larger iPhone 6 Plus screen is 5.5” (iPhone 5 has a 4” Screen)
  • Storage capacities are bigger: 16GB, 64GB and now 128GB
  • The iPhone 6 is thinner and 25% faster with improved optics including the new improved Retina HD screen. The iPhone 6 Plus also has Optical Image Stabilization for less shaky videos. (Great for moms taking kid vids)
  • iOS8 is now included as a free download for older hardware starting on Sept. 17th. Amazing new features!
  • New camera focuses twice as fast thanks to ‘Focus Pixels’
  • Clearer voice calls
  • You can now use WiFi for cell calls—not just for data. If you have bad cell coverage at home but strong WiFi this is life-changing!

Looking to trade in your existing iPhone?

We recommend Gazelle for some of the best trade-in pricing available. (We’ve done the homework for you.)

They even ship you a box and cover shipping to send back your iPhone.

Warning: iCloud backups are not as complete as a good local computer backup. Make sure all your data is safely backed up PRIOR to upgrading your iPhone.

Call us if you need help. (We’ve migrated hundreds of iOS devices)

Los Angeles (310) 530-2101
Calabasas (818) 222-2101

Sam & Company turned my entire home into a full functioning Apple network that rivals the IT guys at work. While they are helping you maximize what you have bought (but have no idea how to use), they also TEACH you what’s going on, so that you get 1-on-1 training WHILE you are getting your problems solved. Simply one of the absolute best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.

Drew Ohlmeyer (Sr. Bureau Producer, NFL Network)

Sam & Company is your trusted source for everything Apple.

We’ve been in the Apple business for over 25 years. Our knowledgeable, trustworthy consultants are conveniently located all over the LA area. We can assist you with all your Apple needs including Local and Offsite backups, Mac and iOS system upgrades, iCloud setup. Ask about our special tutoring rate.

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