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Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Which iPad Should I Buy?

Which iPad Should I Get?

iPad, iPad 2, is it worth it to upgrade to the newest version? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

  • Pick a color (Black or White)
  • Pick a size
  • If you you are going to store a lot of videos at any one time (movies/TV shows) or have a huge music library, you should get more storage. The average HD movie takes up 3GB of space.
  • AT&T or Verizon
    Prices vary. Both are month to month. You can turn them only when traveling away from your home. The deciding factor should be what company has the best reception in your area.
    NOTE:  Verizon uses a 3G format (CDMA) which only works in the US.
    You would need deep pockets to turn on 3G overseas anyway!
  • Or Wifi only:
    This means you can only access the internet or email when you are connected to a WiFi network (home, office, coffee shop etc.)

Your Pricing Options:

  • $499 (16GB)
  • $599 (32GB)
  • $699 (64GB)
  • NOTE: 3G adds $129 to any model

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