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Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Your Trusted Source For Everything Apple

Why Upgrade to Mavericks 10.9?

We advised waiting to upgrade to Mavericks 10.9—Apple’s brand new operating system—when this upgrade was first launched in early November, but the timing is now right, for a number of reasons:

  1. Since its release, 4 months ago, 3rd party Apps have ironed out their kinks and are now running smoothly with Mavericks.
  2. Apple has now released 2 updates to Mavericks and are now at 10.9.2 that fixes many bugs.

Many clients are reporting that in addition to the 200+ new features, Mavericks runs and feels faster than Mountain Lion!

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re hesitant about a new OS because you don’t have time to learn new things… fear not! There’s really nothing new to learn; many of the changes are visual and ‘under the hood.’ It looks and feels very much the same… but better!

Some clients that chose to upgrade on their own had major issues, and we had to rebuild MANY computers from the ground up.

There are different ways to upgrade a Mac


It is very important to prepare the hard drive and apps for the upgrade so it goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

In addition to installing the update correctly, our consultants will:

  • Ensure that you are fully backed up (absolutely essential before any OS upgrade)
  • Prepare and optimize the hard drive, clear out old cache and log files, repair disk permissions, upgrade third party apps (Office 2011, Photoshop, Filemaker), Internet apps and plugins, printer drivers, etc. prior to the installation which helps with the transition to Mavericks


Sam’s Highlights and Top New Features for Mavericks


Free upgrade to iMovie 2013—big new design changes, layouts and features. Turns iMovie into a fantastic, easy to use editor and organizer for all your home movies!

Free upgrade to iPhoto 2013

Free upgrade to iWorks 2013 (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) – Full iCloud integration

The only way to get the new iPhoto, iMovie and iWorks 2013 is to upgrade to Mavericks


  • faster browsing
  • shows shared links so you can see what links were posted by people you follow on Twitter
  • advanced per page memory management! (e.g. If you have many tabs open and one or two webpages have flash, this will not cause interference with the other pages)

File/Folder Tagging in the Finder—great way to organize files

Better battery life—apps go into hibernation mode to reduce battery and processor usage = App Nap and Compressed Memory (better memory usage)

Maps and iBooks now on the computer—find directions in Maps on the computer and send them to your iPhone

Contacts and Calendars

  • cleaner look
  • Smart Paste Contacts—paste in a full address and Contacts puts things in the correct location

Better iCloud integration and sync with iPhone/iPad iOS7

iCloud Keychain—sync passwords between the Mac and iPhone/iPad

Improved Dictation—no internet connection required. No time limit on how long you can talk. Words appear on screen as you talk—no need to pause. Amazingly accurate!


  • websites can now send notifications to keep you up-to-date on events
  • Mac receives notifications while sleeping so all are available when you wake it up

Mail & iMessage

  • messages can be replied to without opening the iMessage App
  • Mail notifications can be replied to without switching to the Mail App

Export as PDF is now a menu item—instead of having to do this from the print menu

Multi-Display support—multiple monitors each get their own menu bar and spaces… finally!


We highly recommend Sam & Company to perform the upgrade. This way we can make sure you are fully backed up prior to the upgrade and prepare all of your apps for Mavericks compatibility.

We also prepare, optimize and check the ‘health’ of the computer’s hard drive—SO important prior to installing a new operating system!


Sam & Company is the most trusted and experienced Apple IT company in the Los Angeles area—since 1989.

Please contact us to set up an appointment.


Calabasas: 818-222-2101

Los Angeles: 310-530-2101


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